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Student ePortfolio

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Created By
Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Introducing the Student ePortfolio

This eportfolio area provides students with their own private area, which can be easily customised with video, audio, images, documents, text and more. This allows for each student to create their personalised eportfolios to showcase work and detail their experiences and reflect on these accordingly. Maintaining a central record of achievements and evidence of work is important within school and can help students reflect back on the progression they’ve made whilst at school.

There are areas including:

  • Planner - Check calendar events occurring within the school environment
  • About Me - Write about yourself and what you enjoy
  • Blog - Create a personalised blog reflecting the progression made during school life
  • Forum - Join discussions in a student forum for collaboration and assistance helping to form an internal, safe social network
  • Career Goals + Inspirations – An area to list short and long term goals and list any inspirations
  • Personal Statement – An area for students to write about why they will be applying for certain jobs and what qualities/skills make them suitable
  • CV - Allowing students to build their own CV's online, listing their personal profile, employment history, qualifications and skills & interests
  • PDP - Personal Development Planning and educational goals can be listed as evidence to track progress
  • Awards/Achievements – An area to list, upload or take photos of awards to evidence development and achievements at school
  • Coursework – The ability to upload important files to evidence development and showcase coursework

    N.B. They key thing to remember regarding the above is that for the forum area, a nested page has been used linking to a student forum on another site. This is so that students will all see the same forum.

    Additional Information

    2nd August 2016