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The Solar System

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Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Explore the outer depths of our solar system!

Step into a world of planets and meteroids by introducing your students to this Solar System site. In this lesson students will learn about the planets in our solar system, their origins and characteristics that make them unique. The objectives for the lesson are clearly defined for students to see to give them an idea of what they will be learning in the lesson/assignment ahead.

The site begins by providing an overview of the solar system then moves on to discuss planets and other objects and satellites in the solar system. There are numerous videos and images embedded to support each students learning experience without having to leave Frog. These videos cover areas from basic planet information to comets and asteroids and what would happen to earth in certain “what if…” scenarios. Once this content has been covered there are 3 pages that directly support and include help for the tasks ahead:

  • Watch (Contains videos relevant to the tasks ahead)
  • Remember (Provides a rhyme to help remember planet order)
  • Do (Contains 5 Activities for students, 3 text activities, 1 quiz and 1 file drop)
  • Two Sub-pages allow users to play the embedded game in order to create their own solar system and in turn using FrogSnap, share their system with others through images or short videos of their results.

In addition to this, a key vocabulary page is present to support the students with their clearly defined activities.

N.B. Due to HTML being used on 2 of the pages there is a sub-page sitting under the Intro page containing information on how to add the HTML code into your site in order to get all features working. If your platform already has the HTML widget enabled this content should already be present and working. Any issues, please contact the Service Desk

***PLEASE READ*** 01/03/16 - Currently an issue with text/image links from a text widget. These may need to be manually added to link the appropriate images/text to the correct pages found on the menu. These have been used on a number of pages.

Additional Information

2nd March 2016