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History - Crash Course

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Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Welcome to the Crash Course in History Site!
Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel started by the Green brothers, Hank Green and John Green. Originally, John and Hank presented humanities and science courses to viewers, respectively, although the series has since expanded to incorporate courses by additional hosts. Each History video is accompanied by a wall for students/staff to discuss the videos.
This site has been constructed to allow you access through the learning platform to the historical Crash Course videos.

***PLEASE READ*** 01/03/16 - Currently an issue with text/image links from a text widget. These may need to be manually added to link the appropriate images/text to the correct pages found on the dropdown menu.

N.B. The video on the home page and the table border on the 2 video listing pages has been hidden, using custom HTML. If the HTML widget is not enabled on your platform then the HTML code will not be present when you download the site. Consequently the black table border will be showing on these 2 pages and the intro video will not be present on the home page.

The HTML code below needs to be added within iframe tags to display the intro video:
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Additional Information

1st March 2016