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Salesian College Dashboard

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Michael Parsons


This is the dashboard currently used for both our staff and students. We only use one dashboard for the two groups as there is a large amount of crossover of information and this allows us to reduce the amount of information being duplicated. The notice board area on the homepage would normally show noticeboards for each year group with the ability to use the buttons above to switch between them. As this uses a nested page widget and points to another site, you would need to set this up separately. The department sites page uses two nested page widgets to allow us to show the 4 columns of site widgets. As this is the case, we have included a screenshot to show what it would normally look like. As we use this dashboard for both staff and students we have some elements that are hidden for one group and shown for the other, such as the line of round buttons which act as a menu for common areas, such as email.

Additional Information

8th June 2017