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Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Introducing the Parent Portal

This parent portal provides an area for parent users where they can access key information about their child and the school.

There are areas including:

  • Notices - An area for important parent notices and useful links
  • School Calendar - Check school calendar events occurring
  • My Child's Information - An area for viewing important child information such as attainment, attendance, behaviour data and more. Please note your school must have FrogParent to access some/all of this information.
  • Letters Home - An area for parents to download letters that would normally be posted or handed to students
  • School Policies & Newsletters - An area for parents to download school policies and newsletters
  • School Info - An area for viewing important school term & exam dates
  • Forum – An area to allow parents to start or join discussions in a private forum
  • Update Details – An area allowing parents to submit a form to inform the school of any contact details that need updating
  • Contact Us – An area containing contact details for different individuals at the school alongside a form allowing parents to submit questions they have

    N.B. Please remember at the time of submission there is currently an issue where links from images (on the My Child's info page) will need to be re-established to the correct pages. The "My Child's Work" image will need to be linked to the My Child's Work application.

    Additional Information

    2nd September 2016


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