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E-Safety Portal

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Created By
Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Safeguarding your Digital Activity!

Welcome to the e-safety portal site. This site has been built with the following in mind:
  • Allows schools to upload school specific e-safety/AUP policies
  • Provides detailed information on how to stay safe using several popular social networking services
  • Provides useful informative external website links to the appropriate audience (rules used to show different links to different profiles)
  • Allows users to report e-safety issues to your school

  • ***PLEASE READ*** 23/03/16 - Currently an issue with text/image links from a text widget. These may need to be manually added to link the appropriate images/text to the correct pages found on the menu. These have been used on a number of pages.

    Additional Information

    23rd March 2016