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GCSEPod is a unique service, designed to tap into the learning potential of smart phones and handheld devices through a combination of clever technology and award-winning content, to ensure equality of access, high usage and the best possible impact on GCSE results.


Students access GCSEPod content via a link on your school VLE or website, or on our GCSEPod app. Each podcast provides students with relevant, easy-to-digest information in a tiny file format, meaning that students can add learning content onto their mobile devices while still leaving room for their own media.


PLUS: new for academic Year 2013/14 -

  • Redesigned to suit the latest mobile and wireless technology. Watch online or offline on any device
  • Exam filtering to let students see only what’s relevant to them
  • New content, new subjects, new look and feel
  • Teacher-created assignments, extras (additional resources), VLE single sign on and bespoke reporting via MIS integration


We currently cover 15 subjects and feature over 3,000 audio-visual podcasts. This provides over 400 hours of curriculum-relevant learning and revision material, written by teachers, narrated by professional voiceover artists and enhanced with text and images to engage the user. Our podcasts cover the six main UK examination boards, as well as Edexcel’s International GCSE and CIE’s IGCSEs. Each title features several 3-5 minute chapters which present students with relevant, easy-to-digest information.


Our high quality podcasts use the power of both audio and visual images to help your students embed learning. Our scripts are written by teaching experts and are professionally narrated so that they clearly and concisely cover key learning points, and our own in-house design team produce colourful images and diagrams to highlight and consolidate knowledge of key facts, quotes and keywords.


Students tell us that they listen over and over again, replaying the content until they truly get it. GCSEPod can be a discreet but powerful learning tool, as students can access our content whenever they want, without anyone else even being aware that they are studying.

The effect on students is immediate and lasting, as GCSEPod engages them with the devices they use every day. This offers students the chance to reconsider where and when learning can take place.

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4th August 2014


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