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GCSE Physics - Electricity revision

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Flipped Learning, revision Site for electricity!

This Site was built to showcase how FrogLearn could be used to complement flipped learning (the flipped classroom model).

The first page is an embedded infographic of what flipped learning is, for those who haven't used it before. Then the second page is a revision lesson going over electricity, demonstrating how flipped learning can actually be used within FrogLearn.

The lesson starts off with a summary of what will be covered, and uses a poll widget to gauge the students' confidence levels in the topic at the start.

Then the lesson uses a brilliant video created by Ben Ryder from Sherborne School in Dorset (a Frog school). After watching this, the students must complete the activity - a quiz on static electricity and current. This quiz will mark itself, and give you very useful date on where the gaps of knowledge are within your class.

Finally the lesson concludes with a homework activity of watching another video in preparation for the next lesson, and asks the students to complete the same poll again to see if their confidence in this topic has improved over the course of the lesson.

The Site also has past papers on another page, using the quiz functionality to save time in marking, and money and paper in not having to print them out several times.

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6th August 2014