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FrogSnap Training

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Created By
Edd Clementson
Frog Education


Introducing the FrogSnap Training site

This FrogSnap training site provides schools with a platform in which to deliver FrogSnap training to teachers. This also works as an independent learning tool for teachers to learn more about the FrogSnap mobile application to send photos, audio and videos up to a FrogLearn site in a matter of seconds. This includes written step by step instructions with screenshots alongside a "how To" video.

There are areas including:

  • Introduction - An area to summarise what FrogSnap is, what it can do and what the training outcomes are for this site.
  • Quiz - A short quiz for teachers to take before and after the training to evidence progression of what they've learnt from following the instructions.
  • Full Training Guide - Video & Written - A comprehensive set of instructions with screenshots accompanied by a instructional video to ensure teachers have the knowledge to learn and utilise the FrogSnap mobile app effectively.
  • Feedback - An area/form for teachers to provide feedback on the training received and submit to a poll indicating how they wish to use FrogSnap.
  • Forum/Evidence - A forum area designed to future proof the training outcomes allowing teachers to ask any questions they have and find out how others are getting on using the app. There is also a Site Timeline allowing teachers to take a photo of their Site Timelines and upload them as examples for others to see and get inspiration from.

    Additional Information

    14th November 2016